MD Appel Mahmud

*I’m MD Appel Mahmud220520aaaaaaaaaaaa11030 from Bogra in Bangladesh. I’m Professional in SEO, SMM, Marketing, SEM, Advertising, PPC, Backlink, Link Building, Forum Posting, Blog Posting, Research & Data Entry. Because this work is so favorite I can say that I am able to the act to comply with the other people. I hope that I shall do the work best then all and sundry.
*I’ve lots of experience in
::Search Engine Optimization,
::Search Engine Marketing,
::Traffic & Lead Generation,
::Social Media Marketing,
::Internet & Online Marketing,
::Website & Company Advertising,
::Link Building, Backlink, Forum Posting,
::Facebook & Facebook Marketing,
::Twitter & Twitter Marketing,
::Pinterest Marketing,
::Google plus marketing,
::Linkedin Marketing,
::Hotsuite, MySpace, You Tube,
::Yahoo, Google, Bing & many others social media place for SEO, SMM, Advertising, sales & Marketing. I have lots of experience to Internet/Web Research & Data Collection from Websites & Google Maps.
Spreadsheet :: Microsoft Excel 2007
Word Documents :: Microsoft Office 2007


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